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Henry David Thoreau

Henry David Thoreau is the inspiration behind Walden East. Click on the THOREAU PAGES link for further information about this multi-faceted author, environmentalist, philosopher, and inventor of "civil disobedience". And Thoreau usually had something to say -- short and sharp! For a selection of quotable remarks, link through to the THOREAU QUOTE PAGE.

August Derleth

In A Deliberate Life, the life and work of this neglected United States author is sketched out, often in his own words. See photos and detailed bibliographical information and listings. Much of Derleth's work and outlook was profoundly influenced by Thoreau. There is also a growing archive of articles about various aspects of Derleth's work. Click on the AUGUST DERLETH PAGES link and let the journey begin.

Charles Eric Maine (David McIlwain)

CHARLES ERIC MAINE -- this link takes you to my draft BIBLIOGRAPHY of this interesting, but currently neglected, English science fiction writer. I cover all his science fiction novels and stories, as well as the films and radio plays developed from his work. Charles Eric Maine was the pseudonym of David McIlwain (1921-81) who wrote technothrillers before the term was invented! See the covers of many of Maine's books in the BOOK COVER GALLERY -- featuring work by such classic artists as Richard Powers, Gerard Quinn, and Ed Emshwiller ("Emsh"). The covers of magazines that featured Maine's short stories can be seen in the MAGAZINE COVER GALLERY.

HOUSE OF MOONLIGHT fantastic poetry of the Fantastic
A selection from the House of Moonlight archives, together with new verse, all appearing on the Web for the first time. Poetry on fantastic themes from some of the UK's best poets. Click and enter through from the HOUSE OF MOONLIGHT link.

Fritz Leiber

An archive selection from my own writing about classic authors and stories, mainly in the supernatural horror field. I am particularly interested in the work of August Derleth (see above), Fritz Leiber, and Arthur Machen. These articles were mostly originally published in various society journals. Click on the SUPERNATURAL HORROR link. (A complete listing will be found by linking on through to the "Out of Story" contents page.)

REVIEWS -- reviews of science fiction and horror novels, as well as books of science fiction and fantasy art, and the occasional nonfiction item of interest. Click on the REVIEWS link.

Welcome to WALDEN EAST --
a window onto some "essential facts of life".
Whether it's encountering the world, looking out from the worlds of the mind,
or travelling much in any of these worlds --WALDEN EAST
is for those who hear "a different drummer".


Walden Pond, Massachusetts, is a real place -- and a state of mind. Walden is as much a secret place of the mind to explore, as it is an environment to wander around in.

Henry David Thoreau (1817-62) explored and chronicled the Walden where he lived, as well as the Walden of his own mind.

I find much that is inspirational in Thoreau's outlook.

In his masterpiece Walden Thoreau describes how he went to live in the woods to transact vital business with Nature and with his own nature. He sought to confront the essential facts of life. His experiences and thoughts of 150 years ago still speak true today.

And in 1961 Walden West was the Wisconsin writer August Derleth's testament to the need, as he saw it, for everyone to be in touch with their own private Waldens -- within themselves, and in the landscapes of everyday life.

A large part of WALDEN EAST is my wide-ranging response to the lives, works, and thought of Henry David Thoreau and August Derleth.

The rest showcases my interest in aspects of the "Fantastic". There are articles and reviews of classic and new supernatural horror and science fiction, and fantastic art. And enter
HOUSE OF MOONLIGHT and meet the contemporary faces of the Fantastic in poetry.

I am John Howard, living in Birmingham, England, and I hope you enjoy visiting with Thoreau, Derleth, the House of Moonlight poets (and maybe me as well!) in Walden East, and will return many times. The site is regularly updated -- see WHAT'S NEW.