Bibliography of the science fiction of
Charles Eric Maine (David McIlwain)


This is a draft bibliography of the work published professionally in the United Kingdom and the United States of America by David McIlwain under the pseudonym "Charles Eric Maine". He used this pseudonym almost exclusively for his work in the science fiction field, although some of his stories can be classified as belonging to the wider field of fantastic fiction. This bibliography does not attempt to cover anything outside of these aspects of McIlwain's work.

Take a look at the Book Cover Gallery -- cover art from the books by Charles Eric Maine in my collection. Published between 1953 and 1978, work by such classic artists as Richard Powers, Gerard Quinn, Ed Emshwiller ("Emsh"), and Dean Ellis is featured. (Click on the image to see a larger version -- the image will open in a new browser window.) You can also view the cover art (larger version) by clicking on the button by its entry in the Bibliography.

Few of Maine's short stories were illustrated on the covers of the magazines publishing them. Visit the Magazine Cover Gallery to see cover art from the magazines in my collection. (Click on the image to see a larger version -- the image will open in a new browser window.) For historical interest I have also included covers where the Maine story is not the subject of the cover. You can also view the cover art (larger version) by clicking on the button by its entry in the Bibliography. Most of Maine's stories did have accompanying interior black-and-white illustrations -- which I have not scanned in due to the danger of damaging the usually fragile magazine!

Doubtless there are errors and omissions here. I would like to hear from anyone who can provide further information, additions, and/or corrections -- please email John Howard.

David McIlwain was born in Liverpool on 21 January 1921. His involvement with the science fiction field started with his active role in fandom from the late 1930s. He was a member of a circle of contemporaries that included future science fiction authors John Burke and Sam Youd (John Christopher). With Burke, McIlwain began to write science fiction under the pseudonym Charles Eric Maine -- having decided that a "treble-barrelled" name was almost obligatory! They also published three issues of a fanzine, The Satellite, with joint editorship credited to J F Burke and Charles Eric Maine. McIlwain went on to publish his own fanzine Gargoyle (1940-41).

World War II put a stop to McIlwain's publishing activities. In 1941 he began training as a signals officer in the Royal Air Force.1943 saw McIlwain serving in North Africa.

After the war, McIlwain spent several years in TV engineering, and in journalism and editorial work connected with radio and television. In 1947, he married Joan Hardy. Divorcing in 1960, McIlwain married his second wife Clare Came in 1961.

In the early 1950s, McIlwain began his professional science fiction career -- writing radio plays under the pen name of Charles Eric Maine, and selling his first, Spaceways, to the BBC in 1952. This was popular, and soon also sold as a novel and a film. Timeliner, possibly Maine's most memorable novel, also began as a radio play, The Einstein Highway. The book was reprinted several times, as was the generally highly-regarded The Mind of Mr Soames (which was also filmed).

Several other films were based on McIlwain’s work. After Spaceways, other movies included Timeslip (vt US The Atomic Man), from which the novel The Isotope Man was written, and Escapement (vt US The Electronic Monster).

David McIlwain remained a prolific and successful novelist for nearly twenty years. He died in London on 30 November 1981.



Nearly all of the items listed are in my own collection. However, I am very grateful for information contained in the following standard reference works: The MIT Science Fiction Society’s Index to the SF Magazines, 1951-1965, edited by Erwin S Strauss, and The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy (Volume 2), by Donald H Tuck. Phil Stephensen-Payne, co-publisher of the valuable Galactic Central bibliographies, pointed out some stories that I had missed. Lars Sydolf provided the covers for the two novels published by Avalon. His website displays a large number of classic Avalon book covers, by Emsh, Gray Morrow, and others. The film website The Missing Link was particularly useful for details of the films based on Maine's work. The SciFan website provides information and further links to sites of interest, and is worth a visit to access a huge range of other science fiction resources. John Burke and Sam Youd have kindly provided me with recollections and other information.


Abbreviations used in this bibliography:

d -- director
ed -- edited by
hb -- hardcover
p -- producer
pb -- paperback
vt -- variant title
w -- writer(s)




Alphabetical listing

Ballantine 02904 1972 216pp $1.25 pb (cover by Dean Ellis)
Science Fiction Book Club (US) 1972 218pp hb (jacket by Brad Holland)
Note: Revised version of World Without Men

B.E.A.S.T. Biological Evolutionary Animal Simulation Test
Hodder & Stoughton 1966 190pp 16/- hb (jacket by 'Studio' Stead)
Hodder & Stoughton 02863 1967 190pp 3/6 pb
Ballantine U6092 1967 191pp 75c pb

"The Big Count-Down"
Amazing Stories December 1958
pp 77-145; illustrated by Novick
Note: Book version Count-Down

The Big Death
Sphere1978 pb
Sphere 0 7221 5717 1979 223pp 95p pb
Note: Revised version of The Darkest of Nights; as well as being divided into chapters, the narrative is also divided into three parts: 1 Diagnosis / 2 Prognosis / 3 Necrosis

"The Boogie Matrix"
Authentic Science Fiction 41, January 1954
pp 62-93; illustrated by Muller

Calculated Risk
Hodder & Stoughton 1960 191pp 12/6 hb (jacket by Martin Kaye)
Corgi SS1118 1962 126pp 2/6 pb
Note: Hb price later reduced to 7/6 by sticker covering original printed price

New Worlds 81-83, March-May 1959
Part 1 pp 4-50 -- New Worlds 81
Part 2 pp 78-123 -- New Worlds 82
Part 3 pp 82-128 -- New Worlds 83
Notes: Book version Count-Down; all three issues had covers by Brian Lewis -- only that for Part 1 illustrated the novel; a profile of Maine, with photograph, appeared on the inside front cover

Hodder & Stoughton 1959 191pp 12/6 hb (jacket by Martin Kaye)
Ballantine 360K 1960 160pp 35c pb -- vt Fire Past the Future
(cover by Richard Powers)
Corgi SS971 1961 189pp 2/6 pb (cover by John Richards)
Corgi GS7027 1964 188pp 3/6 pb
Notes: Magazine publications -- Amazing Stories December 1958 (shorter version "The Big Count-Down"); New Worlds March-May 1959

Amazing Stories November 1961
pp 54-132; illustrated by Virgil Finlay (interiors and back cover)
Note: Book version Subterfuge

Crisis 2000
Hodder & Stoughton 1956 191pp 10/6 hb
Corgi S520 1958 224pp 2/6 pb (cover by John Richards)
Notes: Magazine publications -- “The Festival of Earth” (short story version) Spaceway December 1954; vt "The Wall of Fire" Satellite June 1958

The Darkest of Nights
Hodder & Stoughton 1962 254pp 15/- hb
Science Fiction Book Club (UK) No.83 1964 254pp hb
Panther 1779 1965 205pp 3/6 pb
Gold Medal R1918 1968 192pp 60c pb -- vt Survival Margin
Note: Later revised as The Big Death

Escapement A Scientific Thriller
Hodder & Stoughton1957 224pp 12/6 hb (jacket by Martin Kaye)
Lippincott 1958 224pp $3.00 hb -- vt The Man Who Couldn’t Sleep
Science Fiction Book Club (US)1958 215pp $1.20 hb -- vt The Man Who Couldn’t Sleep

"The Festival of Earth"
Spaceway December 1954
pp 2-46; illustrated by Paul Blaisdell
Notes: Book version Crisis 2000; see also “The Wall of Fire”

Fire Past the Future -- see Count-Down

He Owned the World -- see The Man Who Owned the World

High Vacuum
Hodder & Stoughton 1957 192pp 12/6 hb (jacket by Martin Kaye)
Ballantine 1957 193pp $2.75 hb (jacket by Richard Powers)
Ballantine #218 1957 185pp 35c pb (cover by Richard Powers)
Corgi SS714 1959 220pp 2/6 pb

"Highway i"
Authentic Science Fiction 39, November 1953
pp 74-111; illustrated by Gerald
Notes: Slightly revised vt “Highway J”; book version Timeliner

"Highway J"
Planet Stories November 1953
Other Worlds, Other Times, ed Sam Moskowitz and Roger Elwood
Macfadden-Bartell 75-238 1969 192pp 75c pb (cover by Jack Faragasso)
pp 66-97
Manor 532-95310-095 1974 192pp 95c pb
pp 66-97
Notes: Slightly revised vt of "Highway i" (although the story appeared in two different magazines bearing the same cover date, the editor of Authentic, H J Campbell, stated that "an American magazine" had also bought "Highway i" a few weeks after he had); book version Timeliner

The Isotope Man
Hodder & Stoughton 1957 189pp 11/6 hb (jacket by Martin Kaye)
Lippincott 1957 217pp $3.00 hb
Science Fiction Book Club (US) 1957 184pp hb (jacket by Ray Johnson)
Corgi S631 1959 189pp 2/6 pb
Note: First in the Mike Delaney and Jill Friday series

"Jow Three Eyes"
New Tales of Unease, ed John Burke
Pan 1976 pb

The Man Who Couldn’t Sleep -- see Escapement

The Man Who Owned the World
Avalon 1960 224pp $2.95 hb -- vt He Owned the World
Hodder & Stoughton 1961 190pp 12/6 hb (jacket by Martin Kaye)
Avon T-524 1961 144pp 35c pb -- vt He Owned the World (cover by Richard Powers)
Panther 1610 1963 123pp 2/6 pb

The Mind of Mr Soames
Hodder & Stoughton 1961 252pp 15/- hb (jacket by John Woodcock)
Panther 1700 1964 192pp 3/6 pb
Panther 586 01700 3 1969 192pp 5/6 pb (film tie-in photo cover)
Pyramid T2161 1970 pb
New English Library 02980 8 1976 223pp £4.95 hb (jacket by Tim White)
New English Library 450 03005 9 1977 95p pb (cover by Tim White)
Note: The New English Library reprints formed part of their SF Master Series, and had an Introduction by Harry Harrison

"Mission From Space"
Fantastic Universe September 1955
pp 52-58

Never Let Up
Hodder & Stoughton 1964 191pp 15/- hb (jacket by John Woodcock)
Note: Third in the Mike Delaney and Jill Friday series

The Random Factor
Hodder & Stoughton 12533 0 1971 187pp £l.25 hb (jacket by Graphics Partners)
Note: Magazine publication -- “The Yupe” Nebula 11, December 1954

"Repulsion Factor"
Authentic Science Fiction 37, September 1953
pp 86-106; illustrated by Davis

"Reverse Procedure"
Space Science Fiction Spring 1957
pp 80-116; illustrated by Bruce Minney

"Scholarly Correspondence"
Analog April 1974
pp 155-162

"Short Circuit"
Tales of Unease, ed John Burke
Pan X482 1966 271pp 3/6 pb
pp 158-176
Doubleday 1969 229pp hb

Spaceways A Story of the Very Near Future
Hodder & Stoughton 1953 191pp 10/6 hb
Pan 297 1954 190pp 2/- pb (cover by Gerard Quinn)
Avalon 1958 224pp $2.75 hb -- vt Spaceways Satellite

Spaceways Satellite -- see Spaceways

"Spaceways to Venus"
Spaceway December 1953
pp 54-94; illustrated by Mel Hunter

Hodder & Stoughton 1959 192pp 12/6 hb (jacket by Martin Kaye)
Hodder & Stoughton 511 1962 192pp 2/6 pb
Notes: Second in the Mike Delaney and Jill Friday series; magazine publication -- shorter version
“Counter-Psych” Amazing Stories November 1961

Survival Margin -- see The Darkest of Nights

Sphere 0 7221 5720 7 1977 187pp 65p pb
Notes: Revised version of The Tide Went Out; categorized on back cover as "FICTION (or prediction?)". The novel was published the year following the great 1976 drought!

The Tide Went Out
Hodder & Stoughton 1958 190pp 12/6 hb
Science Fiction Book Club (UK) No.40 1959 190pp hb
Ballantine 290K 1959 156pp 35c pb (cover by Richard Powers)
Corgi SS873 1960 220pp 2/6 pb (cover by John Richards)
Notes: Magazine publication -- “The Waters Under the Earth” Amazing Stories July 1958; later revised as Thirst!

Timeliner A Story of Time and Space
Hodder & Stoughton 1955 192pp 10/6 hb
Rinehart 1955 186pp $2.75 hb
Science Fiction Book Club (US) 1955 hb
Bantam A1460 1956 182pp 35c pb
Corgi S554 1959 222pp 2/6 pb (cover by John Richards)
Corgi GS1512 1964 190pp 3/6 pb
Note: Original magazine publications of the short story version -- “Highway i” Authentic Science Fiction November 1953; Planet Stories (vt “Highway J”) November 1953

Nebula 7, February 1954
pp 30-39; illustrated by Bill Price

"The Trouble with Mars"
Authentic Science Fiction 59, July 1955
pp 4-47

"The Wall of Fire"
Satellite June 1958
pp 4-92; illustration not credited
Notes: See also “The Festival of Earth”; book version Crisis 2000

"The Waters Under the Earth"
Amazing Stories July 1958
pp 49-145; illustrated by Leo Summers
Notes: Chapters are given titles: 1 Operation Nutcracker / 2 Panic in London / 3 The Crumbling Earth / 4 The Shape of Chaos / 5 The Censor Clamp / 6 The Widening Fissure / 7 The Survival Syndrome / 8 The Three Horsemen / 9 Zero Absolute / 10 Desperation Total / 11 Cold Salvation; in the book version The Tide Went Out the chapters are only numbered

World Without Men
Ace D-274 1958 190pp 35c pb (cover by Emsh)
Digit R208 1963 158pp 2/6 pb (cover by RAO)
Notes: Later revised as Alph; spine of Ace edition gives author's name as "Eric Maine"

"The Yupe"
Nebula 11, December 1954
Note: Book version The Random Factor


Chronological listing

Spaceways (Spaceways Satellite)
"Highway i"
"Highway J"
"Repulsion Factor"
"Spaceways to

"The Boogie Matrix"
"The Festival of Earth"
"The Yupe"

"Mission From Space"
"The Trouble with Mars"

Crisis 2000

(The Man Who Couldn’t Sleep)
High Vacuum
The Isotope Man
"Reverse Procedure"

The Tide Went Out
World Without Men
"The Big Count-Down”
"The Wall of Fire"
"The Waters Under the Earth"

(Fire Past the Future)

Calculated Risk
The Man Who Owned the World
(He Owned the World)

The Mind of
Mr Soames

The Darkest of Nights
(Survival Margin)

Never Let Up

"Short Circuit"

The Random Factor


"Scholarly Correspondence"

"Jow Three Eyes"


The Big Death



Mike Delaney and Jill Friday of View magazine:

The Isotope Man
Never Let Up




"STF Plotting 3-D"
Authentic Science Fiction 41, January 1954
pp 94-97




The Atomic Man -- see Timeslip

The Electronic Monster -- see Escapement

Escapement -- vt The Electronic Monster (US)
UK 1957 72m
d Montgomery Tully
p Alec Snowden
w Charles Eric Maine, J Maclaren Ross
cast includes Rod Cameron, Meredith Edwards, Peter Illing, Mary Murphy
Note: based on Escapement

The Mind of Mr Soames
UK 1970 95m colour
Columbia Pictures
d Alan Cooke
p Milton Subotsky, Max J Rosenberg
w John Hale, Edward Simpson
cast includes Nigel Davenport, Christian Roberts, Terence Stamp, Robert Vaughn
Note: based on The Mind of Mr Soames

UK 1953 76m b&w
Hammer Films
d Terence Fisher
p Michael Carreras
w Richard H Landau, Paul Tabori
cast includes Eva Bartok, Howard Duff, Andrew Osborn, Alan Wheatley
Note: based on Spaceways

Timeslip -- vt The Atomic Man (US)
UK 1956 78m
Allied Artists
d Ken Hughes
p Alec Snowden
w Charles Eric Maine
cast includes Peter Arne, Faith Domergue, Gene Nelson, Joseph Tomelty
Note: novelised as The Isotope Man



BBC 1952
Note: film and novel versions Spaceways

The Einstein Highway
BBC Light Programme 21 February 1954
Note: novel version Timeliner



BBC 25 November 1953 30 min
p Andrew Osborn
w Charles Eric Maine
cast includes Jack Rodney, Harold Jamieson, Robert Ayres
Notes: programme not recorded; film version Timeslip, novelised as The Isotope Man


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